Welcome to Pinnacle Martial Arts!

Under construction

You may have noticed that our site has languished a bit since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. We are gradually working to make it a bit more functional and up to date. Please be patient with us during this process; renovations will take a little while! The best way to get current information at this time is to email us at info@pinnacletsd.com.

Who We Are

Pinnacle Martial Arts offers classes in traditional Tang Soo Do in Phoenixville, PA. Our mission is to inspire students of all ages and ability to become physically active life-long learners able to sustain an optimal level of wellness.


Gup testing for students who trained over the summer will take place on Tuesday, August 23d. Classes for Friday, August 26th have been canceled: we will hold Dan testing from 4-7pm instead (please allow extra time; black belt testing often runs longer).

Please remember that we will announce school closings due to inclement weather on this website. We will also announce them on our mailing list. If you need to be added to the list, please email us to be added.

Safety Protocols

  • Masks are required for all students and parents/guardians while on premise.

  • Parents / guardians must wait outside the Lower School building at dismissal to pick up their children per Renaissance COVID policies.

  • If you are not the usual pickup person, please notify joe.comito@rak12.org and wendy.todd@pinnacletsd.com with your name; bring a photo identification to show to instructors during pick up.

The following pages may be of interest to our members, family and friends of PMA:

Please email comments, questions and suggestions to info@PinnacleTSD.com